Economic benefits

The new building will create jobs during the construction phase and, once complete, will accommodate more office workers, creating potentially 1600 new jobs in Wimbledon.

Recent data obtained demonstrates the importance of officer workers to Wimbledon’s Town Centre economy. Office workers help sustain Wimbledon’s shops, restaurants and other businesses. Peak footfall for the Town Centre is often recorded as weekday lunchtimes, often 25% higher than the weekend peak, when around 15,000 employees from offices visit shops, restaurants, cafes and other businesses. These workers also help the evening trade in pubs and restaurants too.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and the requirement for many office workers to work from home, Wimbledon Town Centre footfall has really suffered due to the absence of these office workers. The pandemic has shown just how important office workers are to keeping Wimbledon Town Centre a viable and attractive centre.

Developments like this can help regenerate Wimbledon’s economy and sustain it during the economic recovery.

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