What is the height of the building? 

The height of the building is 11 storeys at around 49.5m plus a set back plant level which makes it 12 storeys.

How many new jobs does M&G Real Estate estimate will be created a) during the construction phase, b) in the new office space created, c) for Wimbledon Town's other businesses?

There will be around 250 construction phase jobs, plus around 30 within the construction management. With the new office space, up to 1600 new additional jobs.

The effect of construction workers and new office workers will help to sustain many businesses in Wimbledon, helping to preserve many jobs in cafes/restaurants/bars and shops. We are unable to quantify the exact number of jobs this development will create for Wimbledon's businesses, but a development of this size will have a significant, positive impact on the local economy. 

The need for more office space: What evidence does the developer have for the assertion that more office space is needed in Wimbledon?

It has been over 20 years since the last speculative new build office development in Wimbledon town centre, which has created demand for new grade A office space. 

Some of the more recent office developments in Wimbledon that have been built have seen strong demand, and the office space has been let very quickly. 

We employ agencies to research this and all of them show there is strong demand for office space in Wimbledon. 

How long will the construction period be, if planning permission is granted?

We are expecting to take 5 months to knock the existing building down. After that we estimate 24 months to build the new building. 

What sort of retail uses are the development expected to attract?

There is strong interest from the current retailers to return. We would anticipate a similar mix to now, with a supermarket and a coffee shop.

However the high street is changing rapidly, and the project team do stress that we don’t know for certain who might want to occupy these units three or four years down the line.

Sunlight at street level: how reliable is the representation of the amount of sunlight on the home page of the development website?

Aukett Swanke do the modelling on their computer, it is accurate. We know we will accord with the BRE guidelines. We will employ a daylight/sunlight consultant to submit a report on this. 

Climate emergency/sustainability: What measures will be taken to ensure that there are zero net carbon emissions from the whole of St George’s House East?

The energy strategy will achieve a 100% reduction in regulated emissions which we are looking to achieve through a 'fabric first' approach to building design. There will be heat pump technology and the building will be all electric. There will also be the installation of renewable energy on site as well. 

Anything that is outstanding, will be met with carbon offset payments to Merton Council.

Demolition or refurbishment: to what extent will the existing building be demolished? To what extent will the materials of the existing building be re-used in the development?

The entire building will be demolished with the exception of some of the basement walls will remain. 


Most of the materials from the demolition will be recycled, as is the case these days. 

What measures will be taken to ‘green’ the site?

There will be new trees on St George's Road and new trees on the terraces, on the 7th floor and on the roof. There will also be new plants on the roof, creating opportunities for biodiversity gains. 

In view of the changes to both working and living patterns as a result of Covid-19 and the closure of many High St shops, how have the developers satisfied themselves that there is a need for more offices and more shops in the town centre?

Wimbledon doesn't have substantial grade A office floorplates, which it needs. 

Whilst things will change, the latest research indicates 75% of people who work in offices will return as before, full time 5 days working from the office. 10-15% will operate on a hybrid basis, few days in the office, a couple days working from home, whilst 10% will likely never return to office working again. 


For the 75%-85% who will return to offices, it is expected that people will be more spread out than before. 

What plans do you have for opening up the path to the railway to encourage more walking and cycling? This path was severely restricted during the construction of the current building

We have been able to significantly widen that part of the footpath. The area around the cycle store has also been made bigger. 

What is the traffic plan for the construction phase - which roads will you have to close?

We haven't got to that level of detail yet. There will be a construction and traffic management plan agreed with Merton Council. 


We will work with Merton Council at the appropriate time to ensure there is minimal disruption. 

How would the building frontage be cut back to allow a new railway bridge to be constructed as may be required by Crossrail 2 or other railway improvements?

The developers have signed a Non-disclosure agreement so we cannot say anything. However there is some safeguarding in place which previously showed the route going through Centre Court shopping centre and Wimbledon Bridge House, other options though are being considered by Crossrail. 

The Crossrail team have been told they cant do much more, and they haven't got much money to spend. It is likely though there will be a different route to the one that is currently safeguarded.