Sustainable design for Wimbledon

M&G Real Estate recognise the need to improve the environment and leave it in a better condition for future generations. As a major property owner, they realise they have a part to play in helping the UK reduce its carbon emissions.

The proposals incorporate considerable environmentally sustainable measures into the building design.

There will be a fabric first approach to the building design which will reduce the heating, cooling and lighting energy demand. The façade design will feature large areas of glazing, maximising the benefits of natural daylight, thus reducing the need for electric lighting.

Also solar shading devices are proposed which will help to minimise the risk of overheating in occupied parts of the building during the summer months, reducing the demand for air conditioning.

The new building will also follow best practise in regards to the ‘Circular economy’ in its design and construction, helping to reduce material usage and minimise waste.


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